Federal Highway Administration Report Supports Coal Ash Use

            A U.S. Federal Highway Administration supported program aimed at advancing concrete paving technologies has identified coal fly ash as a “promising technology that can be used now to enhance concrete paving practices.”

            The “CP Road Map” program coordinated by Iowa State University recently published a “Moving Advancements Into Practice” briefing document about the use of coal fly ash in concrete paving.  The four-page document describes fly ash, how it is used in pavement and numerous concrete performance benefits that result.

            “Fly ash is the most widely used supplementary cementitious material (SCM) in concrete,” the report said. Some of the benefits of using fly ash discussed in the report include increased concrete workability, increased durability of finished concrete, increased resistance to various types of chemical attack, and more.

The CP Road Map program is a 10-year innovative, strategic plan (published late 2005) outlining approximately $250 million in needed concrete pavement research. A team led by Iowa State University and sponsored by the FHWA developed the plan with participation by more than 400 people from across the nation representing all facets of concrete production and highway construction.

A copy of the new fly ash briefing document is available here: The CP Road Map website can be found here: 

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