44 U.S. Senators Ask White House to Act on Coal Ash

            A bipartisan group of 44 United States Senators has sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking his Administration to quickly finalize new coal ash disposal regulations without labeling the resource a “hazardous waste.”

            “We write to ask the Administration to rapidly finalize a rule regulating CCRs under subtitle D, the non-hazardous solid waste program of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA),” the Senators wrote.  “A swift finalization of regulations under subtitle D offers the best solution for the environment and for the economy. The environmental advantages of the beneficial use of CCRs in products such as concrete and road base are well-established.”

            The letter was championed by Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Michael Enzi (R-WY).  It was signed by 12 Democrats and 32 Republicans.

            The letter noted that coal ash recycling is already being harmed by an Environmental Protection Agency proposal to label coal ash “hazardous” when disposed.  The Senators said the regulatory uncertainty surrounding EPA’s increasingly protracted rulemaking is causing damage to recycling efforts even in advance of any new regulations being enacted.

“Since the EPA first signaled its possible intention to regulate CCRs under subtitle C, financial institutions have withheld financing for projects using CCRs, and some end-users have balked at using CCRs in their products until the outcome of the EPA’s proposed rulemaking is known. Already, beneficial use of CCRs has decreased, and landfill disposal has increased. This result is counterproductive but likely to continue as long as the present regulatory uncertainty persists,” the Senators wrote.

For a copy of the complete letter, click here.

Here is a list of the Senators who signed the letter:


Mark Begich, AK

Mark Pryor, AR

Mary Landrieu,  LA

Claire McCaskill, MO

Max Baucus, MT

Jon Tester, MT

Kent Conrad, ND

Ben Nelson, NE

Mark Warner, VA

Herbert Kohl, WI

Joe Manchin, WV

Jay Rockefeller, VW


Lisa Murkowski, AK

Richard Shelby, AL

John Boozman, AR

Johnny Isakson, GA

Saxby Chambliss, GA

Charles Grassley, IA

Jim Risch, ID

Mark Kirk, IL

Dan Coats, IN

Richard Lugar, IN

Jerry Moran, KS

Pat Roberts, KS

David Vitter, LA

Roy Blunt, MO

Thad Cochran, MS

Roger Wicker, MS

Richard Burr, NC

John Hoeven, ND

Dean Heller, NV

Rob Portman, OH

Pat Toomey, PA

Jim DeMint, SC

Lindsey Graham, SC

John Thune, SD

Bob Corker, TN

Lamar Alexander, TN

John Cornyn, TX

Orrin Hatch,    UT

Mike Lee, UT

Ron Johnson, WI

John Barrasso, WY

Michael Enzi, WY


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