Judge Says No Damage at Golf Course that Used Coal Ash

A Virginia judge dismissed a key portion of a $1 billion lawsuit brought by homeowners who claimed they had been harmed by coal ash used in constructing the Battlefield Golf Club in Centerville, Virginia. The judge concluded that the homeowners failed to show that metals from the coal ash had contaminated local water supplies or caused any health problems or property damage.

The lawsuit attracted national attention when the CBS News program 60 Minutes featured it as part of a report following the coal ash spill at the Kingston Power Plant in Tennessee. Subsequently, a two-year U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study concluded that contaminants found in water under the golf course posed no health risks to golfers, nearby residents or the environment. It also concluded that the contaminants were not migrating to residential wells neighboring the property. For more information on the EPA studies, click here.

Attorneys for the homeowners said they plan to re-file their case within the next six months.  For a local news story detailing the judge’s ruling, click here. 

            Meanwhile, 60 Minutes continues to repeat its coal ash report on cable TV without making any effort to provide updates regarding the scientific studies or judge’s ruling.

Posted by: on: Jul 26, 2011 @ 07:48