Contact Your Congressional Representative Now to Protect Coal Ash Recycling

            Members of Congress head for home during August and there is no better time to urge them to support coal ash recycling.

            When House of Representatives members return to Washington after the Labor Day weekend, one of their first orders of business may be to vote on HR 2273 – the “Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act.” This bill (read more about it here) will protect the environment by setting up new standards for coal ash disposal and will protect coal ash recycling by preventing the Environmental Protection Agency from labeling coal ash as “hazardous waste.” People who support coal ash recycling should urge their Representatives to vote YES on HR 2273.

            Many members of Congress will hold town meetings during August to find out what their constituents care about. Anti-coal environmental groups are spending millions of dollars to recruit people to attend those meetings and lobby against HR 2273. (Read more about that here.) People recruited by these large anti-coal groups are never told that the best solution to coal ash disposal problems is to quit throwing it away.  They are never told that recycling is an environmentally safe and beneficial alternative to disposal that is threatened by EPA’s unwarranted proposal to label coal ash as “hazardous.”

            Coal ash recycling supporters can help by finding out if their representatives are having summer town meetings near them. Attending and speaking in favor of HR 2273 is one of the most powerful actions any person can take.

            People who can’t attend town meetings can still help by calling their representative’s office and urging them to vote YES on HR 2273.  Members of the House need to know that they have constituents who care about protecting coal ash recycling.

            To find out who your Representative in Congress is, visit this web site and simply enter your ZIP code.

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