Happy America Recycles Day!

November 15 is “America Recycles Day.” So what better time to review the positive environmental contributions that come from using coal ash instead of throwing it away?

There are many good reasons to view coal ash as a resource, rather than a waste. Recycling it conserves natural resources and saves energy. In some cases, products made with coal ash perform better than products made without it. For instance, coal ash makes concrete stronger and more durable. It also reduces the need to manufacture cement, resulting in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

In the decade from 1999 to 2009, the United States successfully recycled 519 million tons of coal ash – some 38 percent of the 1.35 billion tons of coal ash produced. That’s higher than the current 34 percent recycling rate for household waste!

Greenhouse gas emissions were decreased by more than 138 million tons during the decade leading up to 2009 through the use of coal fly ash in concrete products. That’s the equivalent of eliminating a year’s emissions from about 23 million cars!

Learn more about coal ash recycling here and more about America Recycles Day here. On the America Recycles Day website, you can sign a pledge – as an individual or for your business – to do more for recycling in our country. When signing the pledge, you will encounter a box that says “I am especially interested in recycling.” Please consider selecting “Other” and providing the words “Coal Ash” Then leave a brief personal message that helps us spread the word on the importance of encouraging coal ash recycling as the environmentally preferable alternative to disposal.

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