Happy Earth Day 2015!

Happy Earth Day 2015! Much has changed over the 45 years since the first Earth Day was held in 1970. Americans have made enormous progress in cleaning up our environment and creating consciousness about environmental issues in people’s everyday lives.

For the people who work in the coal ash recycling industry, improving the environment is a job description and every day is Earth Day. There are many good reasons to view coal ash as a resource, rather than a waste. Recycling it conserves natural resources and saves energy. In some cases, products made with coal ash perform better than products made without it. For instance, coal ash makes concrete stronger and more durable. It also reduces the need to manufacture cement, resulting in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – more than 10 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions reductions every year.

Looking forward, the United States has a tremendous opportunity to do even more with recycled coal ash. As older coal fueled power plants are closed over the coming months and years, ash that was previously disposed can be reclaimed and put to good use. And we can do more to ensure that ash produced in power plants that continue to operate gets used safely and productively for the benefit of Earth and all of us who live here.

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