Coal Ash Recycling = Billions in Economic Benefits

Utilization of coal combustion products (CCPs), including coal ash, contributes between $6.4 billion and $11.4 billion in annual economic benefits to the U.S. economy according to a study recently released by the American Coal Council. These benefits include revenues from the sale of CCPs for beneficial use, avoided cost of disposal and savings from use as sustainable building materials.

CCPs represent a strategic resource for the U.S. that has been steadily growing in utilization since the 1950s. The ACC study examines the history, characteristics, production and handling of CCPs, and includes descriptions of the many beneficial uses and product standards for the materials.

“Use of CCPs has been increasing for the past four decades, evolving into a multi-billion dollar industry here in the U.S.,” said Janet Gellici, American Coal Council CEO. “Our ability to continue increasing the amount of CCPs used beneficially, however, may be in jeopardy. Technologically, the coal ash universe is expanding and we’re finding more and better ways to use CCPs. But EPA’s pending regulations that may classify coal ash as a hazardous waste could seriously harm continued utilization.”

Factors affecting future utilization are addressed in the report, including supply and demand technology developments, as well as regulatory factors, including solid waste, climate change and mercury regulations. Additional information about the study can be found here:



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