Sixth Contest Winner… Next Quiz Question!

We have a winner for our sixth quiz question!  Caleb Kruse of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was selected at random from the nine correct responders to our last coal ash question.

But before we get to the correct response, here is the contest question for this week:  When a ton of coal fly ash is used to replace a ton of portland cement in the production of concrete, approximately how many tons of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided?

If you think you know the answer, e-mail it along with your name and contact information to

Last week’s question was: What percentage of America’s electricity is generated by burning coal?

The correct answer:  Approximately 50 percent! While the United States is making great strides toward conserving electricity and generating more of it from renewable energy sources, the nation also continues to grow and find new uses for electricity.  Bigger homes, cell phones, computers, even cars that run on electricity are all examples of Americans consuming increasing amounts of electricity – meaning that coal will continue to be a significant energy resource for many years to come.  Recycling the ash that remains after coal is consumed is one important way we can make the resource cleaner.

Congratulations, Caleb!

The Chevy Volt – Your electric car will be running on coal half of the time!


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