More Recycling Supporters Object to EPA Suspending Coal Ash Program

            One of America’s most prominent demonstrations of coal ash recycling technologies has formally objected to the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to suspend participation in the Coal Combustion Products Partnership, also known as the C2P2 program.

            The Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation is a C2P2 member and a 2005 recipient of that program’s Communications and Outreach Award.  The Foundation’s visitor center at the site commemorating Lewis & Clark’s stay at Fort Mandan during the winter of 1804-05 is a national showcase for coal ash use.  This unique visitor center is a sustainable building that extensively utilizes coal ash in various forms of concrete, architectural stone, wallboard, carpet, shingles and more.

            In a July 26 letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Foundation President David Borlaug wrote: “This facility has attracted visitors from all 50 states and as many foreign countries.  In telling them the coal combustion products story through a permanent display, brochures, web sites and guided tours, we routinely refer these visitors to the EPA C2P2 web site. That web site has now been replaced by a single sentence stating: ‘The Coal Combustion Products Partnerships (C2P2) program Web pages have been removed while the program is being re-evaluated.’

            “Removing the C2P2 web site without warning or adequate explanation appears both careless and harmful to efforts to promote sustainability by using these materials,” Mr. Borlaug continued. “Our Foundation would greatly appreciate knowing whether our nation’s top environmental agency will continue to be our ‘partner’ in promoting sound environmental practices or whether we have some other kind of relationship to look forward to.”

            To see a description of the Fort Mandan visitor center, look here:  For more about EPA’s suspension of the Coal Combustion Products Partnership, see this Citizens for Recycling First blog post:

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