Top Ten Things You Can Do to Protect Coal Ash Recycling!

            A frequent question to Citizens for Recycling First is: “What specific things can I do to support coal ash recycling?”  In the spirit of checklists, here’s the Top Ten:


1.      Have your company send a letter during the Environmental Protection Agency’s official public comment period explaining that any form of “Subtitle C” ash disposal regulation will hurt recycling by creating a “hazardous waste” stigma for coal ash.  Comment letters can be emailed to and MUST be labeled: Attention Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–RCRA–2009–0640.


2.      As an individual citizen, send a comment to EPA by using the “Action Alert” tool at  Just click on the “Action Alert” box, fill in your contact information, edit the letter that is provided if you wish, and click “Send Comments.” It’s that easy.


3.      Encourage family members and friends to use the “Action Alert” tool, as well.  The EPA has said it wants to hear the opinions of individual citizens. Anti-coal environmental groups are misleading people to generate more than 50,000 individual comments in favor of a “hazardous waste” designation.  (Look here for an explanation of how they are misleading people:  It is imperative that supporters of coal ash recycling get EVERY INDIVIDUAL to weigh in supporting disposal rules that won’t damage recycling.


4.      Visit Citizens for Recycling First’s Facebook page and click that you “Like” it. You can find the Facebook page two ways.  From the Citizens for Recycling First web site, click “Follow Us” and then click “Facebook.”  Or if you are in Facebook already, just search for “Citizens for Recycling First.”  Once you’re there, click the button next to our name that has a thumbs up with the word “Like.”


5.      Encourage your Facebook savvy family members and friends to “Like” Citizens for Recycling First, too.  Then encourage them to help out by suggesting that all of their Facebook friends do the same.  Get a snowball rolling!


6.      Register as a supporter of Citizens for Recycling First. While you are at, click on “Support Us” and then click on “Joining Here.” By adding your contact information here, you help Citizens for Recycling First get bigger and you give us another way to communicate with you.  We promise we won’t abuse the privilege.


7.      Encourage family members and friends to register as supporters of Citizens for Recycling First, as well.


8.      Post a link to on your or your company’s web page.


9.      Attend and speak at one of the EPA’s public hearings. If you live near Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver or Washington, DC, you are in the neighborhood.  For more information, look here:


10.  Check back at often for the latest news regarding what’s happening. Or better yet, subscribe to the coal ash blog and have new blog entries delivered to your inbox automatically.  Just click “Follow Us” and then click “Subscribe” to enter your email address.


The EPA’s public comment period ends September 20, 2010, so don’t delay! Work through your checklist today!

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