EPA Restores C2P2 Web Site (In a Place No One May Ever See It…)

            The Coal Combustion Products Partnership web site is accessible on the Internet again – but the Environmental Protection Agency has hidden it in a location not likely to be seen by many people.

            Earlier this week and without any public announcement, EPA posted pages and documents from the former web site in the official public comment record of the agency’s current coal ash disposal rulemaking.  What used to be the web site is now contained in a PDF file titled:  “Pages from EPA’s former Coal Combustion Products Partnership (C2P2) website.” Numerous documents that were formerly accessible from the web site were also added to the official record.

            The documents are now scattered among thousands of other documents in a record that will likely swell over the next couple of months to contain tens of thousands of documents. Click here to get a feel for how accessible the information is:

            After seven years of operation, EPA’s C2P2 web site became a popular source of information about coal ash recycling. Dozens of other web sites provide links to it.  But people looking for information there today are greeted with the message: “NOTE: The Coal Combustion Products Partnerships (C2P2) program Web pages have been removed while the program is being re-evaluated.” 

            For more information about EPA’s abrupt suspension of the program, look here:  EPA still has not disclosed how the program is “being re-evaluated” or even who is conducting the re-evaluation.


Posted by: on: Aug 05, 2010 @ 08:03