Citizens for Recycling First Rebuts Misleading Newspaper Editorial

            A newspaper editorial in the August 3 Roanoke Times that badly mischaracterizes the coal ash disposal regulation issue has drawn a response from Citizens for Recycling First.

            The editorial entitled “Crack down on coal ash: The EPA should adopt federally enforceable rules for disposal of toxic ash” carelessly concludes that: “It should be painfully obvious to just about anyone not tied to the coal industry that the ash is dangerous and should be treated as such.”

            The complete newspaper editorial can be read here:  Here is the Citizens for Recycling First response:

Recycle Coal Ash Instead of Disposing It

In its August 3 editorial urging “Crack down on coal ash,” the Roanoke Times falls for every misleading missive dished out by anti-coal environmental groups.

The editorial describes two EPA proposals for regulating coal ash as “weaker” and “better,” without recognizing that proposed landfill construction standards are essentially the same in both. The editorial also takes a shot at Rep. Rick Boucher, implying that he is against dealing with coal ash “responsibly.”

Rep. Boucher – along with dozens of other local, state, and federal agencies and elected officials – recognizes that designating coal ash a “hazardous waste” just so the federal EPA can have direct enforcement authority endangers a recycling industry that keeps millions of tons of coal ash out of landfills and prevents millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal ash landfill standards can be improved without saddling the material with an unwarranted “hazardous” designation that will destroy one of the most successful recycling efforts in American history.  If the Roanoke Times is really interested in doing what’s best for the environment, it should promote the safe recycling of coal ash as a preferred alternative to disposal.

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