What's Next for Citizens?

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency's public hearings and public comment period for proposed coal ash disposal regulations are over, Citizens for Recycling First is expanding its activities.

First on the "To Do" list now is combating the misleading and damaging practice of referring to coal ash as "toxic." While lobbying for an unwarranted "hazardous waste" designation for coal ash, numerous anti-coal environmental activist groups have made "toxic ash" one of their key message points.  This is despite the fact that coal ash does not qualify as a hazardous waste based on its toxicity and its toxicity is similar to that of materials it replaces during recycling,

Citizens for Recycling First will monitor news accounts that refer to coal ash and aggressively challenge inappropriate and inaccurate uses of "toxic" terminology. We will do this through letters to the editor, calls to news reporters, rebuttal postings on on-line blogs and more.

Additionally, we will continue to use the Ash Blog at to share information about coal ash recycling and the on-going regulatory debate.  Check back often for new blog entries or have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox by subscribing here:

Posted by: on: Dec 13, 2010 @ 11:32